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Plating structure
Edit:Dongguan City Xin Sen Electronics Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-10-17

Electroplating linked to the structure are generally relatively simple, by the hook, pole, main rod, pole and hook five parts.

Hook is linked with a very good connection structure, plating it by the current transfer to the hanging and parts, therefore, must be made of conductive materials with good material. Hooks and rods should maintain a large contact surface and good and contact state to ensure that the current passes smoothly. The cross-sectional area is equivalent to the same cross-sectional area of ​​the main rod material. Hook to withstand the full quality of the hanging and plating, it is required to have sufficient mechanical strength. Hooks and main bars are usually made of the same material, both can be made into one, can also be produced separately, with it with the pole with brazing or other methods and linked together. With steel or aluminum alloy made of hanging, hook generally use copper, brass, connection can be used riveting and welding. Its size, should be based on the diameter of the cathode rod to design, so hanging in the suspension and removal when the operation is convenient.

The lever is located on the upper part of the main bar and is perpendicular to the main rod and is connected to the main rod by welding. When the hanging hanging in the plating tank, the position of the pole should be higher than the liquid surface about 80 mm. Operation with a rod to extract the hook. Should have sufficient mechanical strength, cross-sectional area is generally the same or slightly larger. The main rod supports the weight of the entire hook and the hanging part and passes the current through the main rod to the struts and parts. The main rod of the material generally use φ (6 ~ 8) mm brass rods. The pole is usually fixed by welding on the main rod, working to withstand the weight of the hanging parts, the material of the pole is generally φ (4 ~ 6) mm brass rod.

Hooks are generally welded to the pole, and sometimes welded to the main pole, used to hang or clamp parts. The material is generally steel wire, phosphor bronze wire.

The density of the hooks on the hooks should be appropriate. So that most of the surface or important surface of the parts on the plating device can be directed towards the anode and to avoid the stacking phenomenon. General small and medium-sized plating between the interval (15 ~ 30) mm, cup-shaped plating interval is generally 1.5 times the diameter. According to the hook and the plating of different ways, hook hanging and clamping two forms.

(1) hanging hook. Plating and hooking generally use free suspension method. Will hang in the hole or the appropriate location of the parts, parts hanging after the activities can not fall off, when the jitter can also change its contact point. This hook loading and unloading convenience, plating on the imprint is not obvious. Plating in the current density is small, the general use of free suspension method.

(2) Clamped hooks. The connection between the plating element and the hook is in elastic contact. Generally in the bright plating, chrome and other occasions or the use of larger current density. It is the use of the elasticity of the hook parts of a part, relying on contact pressure to make it conductive. The strength of the elasticity of the material used by the hook, diameter, line length, plate width, thickness decision.

No matter what way to hang parts, should ensure that the parts in the plating when the gas produced smoothly, so as to avoid the accumulation of gas to form a part of the formation of "air bag" and affect the quality of the coating. For example, there are blind and concave parts hanging when the mouth should be slightly upward tilt, plastic parts to use multiple contacts and hook contact. In short, the form of electroplating , hook and hanging the way with the shape of the parts and plating process conditions to decide.