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Electroplating target plating, Fiba convergence design of the main pieces of the main problem
Edit:Dongguan City Xin Sen Electronics Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-10-26

Electroplating target electroplating, Fiba convergence casting design of the main problems:

What is casting parts

The liquid metal is cast into the casting cavity which is compatible with the shape of the part. After it is cooled and solidified, the method of obtaining part or blank is called casting. Casting is made by casting.

Casting structural design: to ensure its work performance and mechanical performance requirements, taking into account the casting process and alloy casting performance on the casting structure requirements, casting structure design is reasonable or not, the casting quality, productivity and cost have a great impact.

Design the main issues and design requirements

The design of the box should first consider the layout of the parts in the box and the relationship with the external parts of the box, such as the lathe according to the two top requirements to determine the shape and size of the box, in addition to the production of electroplated flying target should also consider the following questions:

⑴, to meet the strength and stiffness requirements. It is an important issue to meet the strength of the box parts with great force; but for most cases, the main indicator of the performance rating is stiffness because the stiffness of the box not only affects the normal operation of the drive parts but also the parts Work accuracy. Casting quick easy excellent automation selection included.

⑵, heat dissipation and thermal deformation problems. The friction of the parts in the box makes the viscosity of the lubricating oil change, which affects the lubricating property. The temperature increases the thermal deformation of the box, especially the thermal deformation and thermal stress of the uneven distribution of the temperature. influences.

⑶, reasonable structure design. Such as the arrangement of the fulcrum, the arrangement of the ribs, the location of the openings and the design of the connecting structure are all advantageous to improve the strength and rigidity of the box.

⑷, good craftsmanship. Including rough manufacturing, machining and heat treatment, assembly adjustment, installation of fixed, lifting transport, maintenance and repair of all aspects of the process.

⑸, electroplated flying target shape is good, small quality. [1]