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Material selection for electroplating
Edit:Dongguan City Xin Sen Electronics Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-10-17

Pcb plating hooks should be selected to have sufficient mechanical strength, good conductivity, not easy to corrode the material. Commonly used steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium, brass, phosphor bronze and so on. The current density through the brass hook should not exceed 2 ~ 2.5A / mm; The current density on aluminum and aluminum alloys is about 1.6 A / mm.

The dimensions of the Pcb plating are to be determined by the size of the part and the equipment. Reasonable consideration of the dimensions, can make full use of the effective volume of equipment, thereby enhancing the production efficiency and ensure the quality of plating.

If the cross-sectional area is too small, it takes a long time to make the coating thickness meet the requirements. If the cross-sectional area is too large, it will cause waste of materials, so the calculation of the cross-sectional area should be reasonable.

The greater the cross-sectional area, the smaller the current density value; the smaller the cross-sectional area, the greater the allowable current density value. The amount of current density allowed when immersed in the solution is greater than when it is not immersed in the solution. Flat row of hanging with a good heat dissipation, you can increase the allowable current density value. The surface of the Pcb plating after the insulation treatment, allowing the current density value is smaller than when exposed.