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Various types of plating linked with
Edit:Dongguan City Xin Sen Electronics Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-10-17

Electrode plating for small parts

Small parts can be barbed plating method for plating. If no barring conditions, available hanging basket as a plating tool. The skeleton of the basket is brass or wire, and the bottom and the surroundings are made of metal mesh. The size of the mesh is the standard that the part does not leak out of the hole. The hole is slightly larger to obtain the uniform thickness of the coating. In order to improve the quality of the coating and increase the deposition rate, the plastic plate can be used instead of the surrounding metal mesh.

Chemical treatment with a hanging

Iron and steel parts phosphating, oxidation, you can use chrome chuck , linked with, can also be carried out in the basket, the general parts as far as possible using the basket. In the case of lifting equipment, hanging basket can be bigger. All made with steel material. Do not use copper or brass to ensure the quality of the film, because in these solutions will make copper dissolved and stained solution, affecting the quality of the film. In addition to the form of non-conductive performance requirements, the other and electroplating the same.

Pickling used for hanging and hanging basket is easy to damage, should choose a good corrosion resistance of the material or direct use of plastic products. Its shape and the same small parts plating.

Iron and steel parts of the oxidation without electricity, usually use hanging basket, only need to hang with a high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance is better, easy handling of the workpiece can be. For more precision workpieces or external thread of the workpiece, in order to prevent collision with each other to use linked to the appropriate.

Aluminum and aluminum alloy

Aluminum anodized, should be used aluminum and aluminum alloy hanging. Electroplating chucks should be resilient to clamp the parts to prevent the formation of non-conductive oxide films due to contact loosening, which affects the anodic oxidation to proceed.