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Industry knowledge
Electroplating fast clip features
Edit:Dongguan City Xin Sen Electronics Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-10-26

1, fast clip , plating clip: 304,316 stainless steel, acid and alkali corrosion, chuck with PP plastic extrusion injection molding, durable, fast and convenient when the upper and lower board, clamp plate tight, not easy to fall board, side.

2, size for all PCB plating production line, the length of the size can be customized according to customer size.
A new type of electroplating fixture is disclosed, which comprises a chuck, a chuck, a skeleton, a handle, a fixed movable block, an intermediate connecting movable block and a center connecting fixing block, the upper fixed movable block, And the center connection fixing block is a silica sol dewaxing precision casting member; the expansion spring is arranged between the front end of the center connection fixing block and the front end of the upper fixed movable block; the fast clip is fixed with the handle, , The middle connection movable block and the center connection fixed block, so that the lower chuck and the upper chuck is good to clamp the circuit board fixed, to prevent the phenomenon of the circuit board is not tight, and the use of lever T-shaped handle makes the operation Flexible and convenient to improve the production efficiency, while the use of silica sol dewaxing precision casting handle, fixed on the movable block, the middle of the connection block and the center of the fixed block, making the product quality to achieve better quality, product life longer.

Advantages: easy to install, fast and convenient, improve production efficiency, clamping range from (0-8mm), suitable for a variety of thickness of the circuit board, do thin and soft board, using copolymer PP injection molding package, fast clip Use a long time, never on the copper, quality assurance