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Electroplating equipment: electroplating of the necessary auxiliary equipment
Edit:Dongguan City Xin Sen Electronics Co., Ltd   PublicDate:2017-10-26

Electroplating hooks : electroplating auxiliary equipment

In order to complete the electroplating process according to the requirements of the process, the light has the power supply and the plating tank is not enough, also must have some guarantee the electroplating normal production auxiliary equipment. Including heating or cooling equipment, cathode moving or stirring equipment, bath circulation or filtration equipment and plating tank essential accessories such as electrode rods, electrode wires, anode and anode basket,

1. Heating or cooling device

As the plating solution needs to work at a certain temperature, so for the tank with a heating device. Such as plating bright nickel need to keep the bath temperature of 50 ℃, chrome required temperature is 50 ~ 60 ℃, and acid bright copper or bright silver plating and the temperature within 30 ℃. In this way, these processes require the use of heat exchange equipment to be met. For the general use of direct heating heating method.

2. cathode moving or stirring device

Some plating or most of the plating requires the cathode in the swing state, which can increase the operating current, so that the bath to play its due role (usually brightness and dispersion), and can prevent the tip, corner plating Hair, charred.

Some plating can be moved by mechanical or air mixing instead of the cathode. Mechanical agitation is done with a corrosion-resistant material made of a mixer, usually driven by a motor, but the speed can not be too high. Air mixing is used to filter out the oil in addition to the compressed air.

3. Filter and cycle filter equipment

In order to ensure the quality of plating, the bath needs to be regularly filtered. Some plating also requires the ability to cycle through the filter. Filtration machines are commonly used in the chemical industry and are therefore industry-standard equipment. But also to their own business-based standards. According to the plating situation and plating tank size and process needs to use the filter.

4. Electroplating tank necessary accessories

The plating tank must be equipped with accessories such as anodes and anodes for anodic or anodic hooks, electrode bars, power cables, and so on. Some factories in order to save investment, no anode basket, with a hook directly to the anode can also be linked to the plating tank, but at least put on the anode sets.

Most of the anode basket is made of titanium material, a few kinds of plating can also be made of stainless steel or steel.

The electrode rod is a conductive rod for suspending the anode and cathode and connected to the power supply. Usually made of copper rods or brass rods, slightly longer than the plating tank, the diameter determined by the size of the current, but at least 5cm or more.

The key to the power supply cable is to ensure that the required current is passed. It is best to use copper plate, but also useful multi-strand cable, then must meet the requirements of its cross-sectional area.

5. hanging with

The hook is the most important auxiliary tool for electroplating. It is to ensure that the galvanized products and the cathode has a good connection between the tools, but also on the distribution of electroplating coating and work efficiency has a direct impact on the equipment. Has a professional linked to the production and supply of the industry to provide a common linkage and according to user needs to design and custom-made hanging.

6. Wash the equipment before plating

Ultrasonic cleaning before plating application

Product plating pre-treatment process is very important, the traditional process of the use of acid on the workpiece to deal with the heavy environmental pollution, the working environment is poor, at the same time, the biggest drawback is the complex parts of the acid pickling rust after the acid is difficult Rinse cleanly. After the workpiece plating, the time is not long, along the cracks appear corrosion phenomenon, damage the surface of the coating, seriously affecting the product appearance and intrinsic quality. Ultrasonic cleaning technology applied to the pre-plating treatment, not only the surface of the object and the gap in the rapid spread of dirt, and electroplating plating layer will not rust.

The use of ultrasonic waves in the liquid produced by the cavitation effect, you can clean the surface of the workpiece attached to the oil, with the appropriate cleaning agent, you can quickly achieve high cleanliness of the workpiece surface treatment.

Electroplating chuck, electroplating process, the workpiece surface cleanliness requirements are higher, and ultrasonic cleaning technology is to achieve this requirement the ideal technology. The use of ultrasonic cleaning technology, can replace the solvent cleaning oil; can replace electrolytic degreasing; can replace the strong acid etching to remove carbon steel and low alloy steel surface rust and oxide.