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Square plug
XS-B-Feiba Reinforcing Pipe Connection Block
XS-B-Feiba Reinforcing Pipe Connection Block

Dongguan Xin Sen Electronics Co., Ltd. to provide customers with XS-B-Feiba reinforcement pipe convergence seat Tongtou plug processing plants, wholesale, suppliers, manufacturers, prices, and processing, quotes, products sold to Shenzhen, Jiangxi, Ji'an , Huizhou, small, Guangdong, Guangzhou and other regions.


The square plug is also known as the cap, the cap, the tube cover, the bulkhead, the tube on the end of the pipe to cover the pipe pipe fittings.  Used to close the pipeline, the role of the same with the block, can be directly spin on the tube, do not need other pipe fittings.  The plug includes a convex plug, a conical shell, a variable diameter section, a flat cover and a compression port.

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