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PTH Triangle Iron
XS-B-PTH Triangle Iron
XS-B-PTH Triangle Iron

Dongguan Xinsen Electronics Co., Ltd. to provide customers with XS-B-PTH triangle iron processing plants, wholesale, suppliers, manufacturers, prices, and processing, quotes, products sold to Shenzhen, Jiangxi, Ji'an, Huizhou, small, Guangdong, Guangzhou area.


PTH Triangle Iron 004 Seiko Quality:

The company operating electroplating linked with plastic covered with hanging, hanging copper plating line hanging blue, PCB million with fast clip, PCB plating line rack, linked with a copper, C, PCB board board top clip of the peak products in the present PCB plating production line top clip area, this section must be replacement products, features: easy clamping, fast and convenient, improve production efficiency, clamping range from (0-8mm), suitable for all kinds of thickness of the circuit board, do Sheet and soft board, the use of copolymerized PP injection molding package, the use of a long time, easy on the copper, quality assurance, welcome to negotiate, the company uphold and customers to establish long-term cooperative partnership.





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